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Press Pack


Origin: Essex UK

Genre: Blues - but not

Album: Julie Usher Twisted Blues

Website: www.twistedblues.co.uk


So what makes Julie Ushers Twisted Blues Band so different from all the other Blues bands? It’s the music! Built on a solid blues foundation with a unique blend of jazz, funk and rock (but not all at the same time of course!) and showcasing Julie’s guitar playing, songwriting and musical genius. A powerful collection of original, sometimes quirky, songs with a few less commonly heard covers thrown in for good measure. The Twisted Blues Band are certainly not run of the mill and the music they play challenges perceptions and expectations of Blues music - a refreshingly different approach to a well established and well loved musical genre. It’s blues Jim, but not as we know it! It’s Blues with a twist, it’s Twisted Blues, - both lines from the bands signature song - a quirky mix of all the elements that make up this bands unique approach to Blues music. Music that is simply impossible to ignore. 


2018 sees her latest CD release entitled "Julie Usher Twisted Blues". Demonstrating Julie's songwriting skills and talent for arrangement, and her ever present soulfull rocking and bluesy guitar playing.

Julie Usher Twisted Blues Nov 2018
Track List
blues got me reeling
go right ahead
baby loves his woman
friends not lovers
i'm your gal (the WOW factor)
love him to death
when my blood runs cold
you're still my man


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